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20 Essential Chinese Phrases with Numbers

  • 1Week
  • 10Steps


This video equips you with 20 essential Chinese phrases, using numbers for real-life scenarios. 📆 Expressing Dates: Learn how to effortlessly express specific dates, like asking for someone's birthday. 📆 Expressing Days of the Week: Articulate a specific day during the week with ease. 🎂 Conversing About Age: Master discussing age in Mandarin Chinese for building connections and relationships. ⏰ Mastering Time Concepts: Gain a solid foundation in expressing time accurately. 💰 Mastering Money Concepts: Learn how to navigate buying and selling in daily life. 📚 What's Included: 1. Comprehensive breakdown of 20 essential Chinese phrases 2. Practical examples for real-life application 3. Pronunciation tips for accurate communication 4. Engaging exercises to reinforce learning

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