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Read 1+ book per week, 50+ books per year & master 2500+ most commonly used vocabulary


"Leveled Mandarin Reading" Program


Let's read together!

Books have the power to improve your vocabulary by introducing new words to you. The more you read, the more your vocabulary grows, along with your ability to communicate effectively in the language. In this program, students can read:

  • By Mandarin language level

  • By personal interests

  • With your family

Access to a big book collection

Apart from the collection of over 3000+ Chinese books at our school's library, we partnered with iChineseReader, the best online leveled-Chinese reading platform that tailors varied reading needs of students who study Mandarin Chinese. 

Program Features

This "Leveled-Reading Program" is supported by the iChineseReader online platform, a cybersecurity-certified website that collects thousands of high-quality, authentic best-selling Chinese pictures, fictional and non-fictional books. Many books are written by lead Mandarin teachers in North America, to support knowledge development in subjects such as Math, Science, History, Social Study and Arts. New books are released every week. 

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