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#47 Beijing Opera: Let's Make Your Own Facial Mask (Hybrid)
#47 Beijing Opera: Let's Make Your Own Facial Mask (Hybrid)



Toronto Mandarin School - Downtown

#47 Beijing Opera: Let's Make Your Own Facial Mask (Hybrid)

​​​​In Beijing Opera, the colors of facial make-up are of great importance in revealing the age, profession and personality of a character. Different colors can also distinguish nobility from common folk, goodness from evil. In this session, we will explore the meanings behind these colors.


2023年11月14日 19:00 – 20:30

Toronto Mandarin School - Downtown, 25 Adelaide St E #504, Toronto, ON M5C 3A1, Canada


Appetizer (30 mins) - Introduction to New Words & Phrases  

In this engaging session, we'll delve into the fascinating world of Beijing Opera facial make-up. We'll explore the symbolic significance behind each color used in these intricate designs and introduce you to the vocabulary associated with these colors and their corresponding character traits.

Main Course (30 mins) - Now, Let's Practice  

Now, it's your turn to be an artist! Participants will be provided with an array of artistic materials, including color pencils and cardboard papers. You'll have the opportunity to design and paint your own facial masks, choosing colors and patterns that represent your unique personalities. We'll encourage creativity and self-expression, allowing you to explore your artistic side.

Dessert (30 mins) - Open Discussions 

Let's indulge in open discussions and share our cultural insights. Do colors hold symbolic meanings in your culture? Join us as we explore the diverse ways in which colors are interpreted and integrated into various traditions and societies. This delightful conversation will provide a sweet ending to our colorful journey through Beijing Opera make-up and cultural symbolism.


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