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#54 Let's Celebrate Chinese New Year
#54 Let's Celebrate Chinese New Year




#54 Let's Celebrate Chinese New Year

Have you ever celebrated Chinese New Year with anyone? Join us as we delve into the essence of Chinese New Year, exploring the traditional customs, the Chinese Zodiac, and discussing about the festival food!


2024年1月26日 19:00 – GMT-5 20:30



Appetizer (30 mins) - Introduction to New Words & Phrases

You will begin with the key Chinese New Year expressions. Dive into phrases like "过春节" (celebrate the Spring Festival), "包饺子" (make dumplings), "放鞭炮" (set off firecrackers), "贴春联" (post couplets), "发红包" (give red envelopes), and more. Uncover the captivating story behind the character "年."

Main Course (30 mins) - Now, Let's Practice!

Practice commonly used phrases such as "春节快乐!万事如意!” (Happy Chinese New Year! May all your wishes come true!), “恭喜发财!” (Congratulations and prosperity!), “我喜欢看春晚。” (I enjoy watching the Spring Festival Gala), “我会包饺子。” (I can make dumplings), “不能放鞭炮!” (No firecrackers allowed!), and more.

Dessert (30 mins) - Open Discussions

Explore the fascinating realm of the Chinese Zodiac, uncovering the animal signs for 2023 and 2024, as well as discovering your own sign. Engage in a lively dialogue, sharing insights and anecdotes about this ancient and meaningful aspect of Chinese culture.


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