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#57 The Ice & Snow Paradise - Harbin
#57 The Ice & Snow Paradise - Harbin




#57 The Ice & Snow Paradise - Harbin

Harbin is located in the northeastern part of China. It's renowned for its winter tourism experience like outdoor adventures, cultural exploration, and culinary delights. Let's explore this beauty "ICE CITY" together.


2024年2月15日 19:00 – GMT-5 20:30



Appetizer (30 mins) - Introduction to New Words & Phrases

You will explore the city of Harbin, one of the prime tourist spot during winter time in Northeast China. You will be presented with a tourism map of the main areas for sightseeing, and some delicious food options with locations.

Main Course (30 mins) - Now, Let's Practice

You will envision yourself travelling and exploring around this beautiful city with your friend. You will plan the trip based on the tourism map you learnt about.

Dessert (30 mins) - Open Discussions

We will discuss more about travelling. Visiting a place as a visitor will lighten up your senses about the uniqueness of a city comprehensively. Harbin has been proven to be “not what we expected” by quite a few travelers. Have you also have the experience of mindblown by a travel experience? Where would you wish you could visit in-person? We would like to share out honest thoughts among each other.


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