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#59 Poetic Bridges: Exploring Chinese Children’s Verse (Hybrid)
#59 Poetic Bridges: Exploring Chinese Children’s Verse (Hybrid)



Toronto Mandarin School - Downtown

#59 Poetic Bridges: Exploring Chinese Children’s Verse (Hybrid)

Let's delve into the world of children's poetry in Chinese, and engage in translating their heartfelt verses. We will read and appreciate poems written by children, and understand the meanings through discussions. Finally, we will try to translate these imaginative works to English.


2024年3月01日 19:00 – 20:30

Toronto Mandarin School - Downtown, 25 Adelaide St E #504, Toronto, ON M5C 3A1, Canada


Appetizer (30 mins) - Introduction to New Words & Phrases

We will dive into the heart of modern poetry in China. Through engaging documentary, we will not only introduce you to this visionary group but also immerse you in the nuanced world of poetry. Together, we'll explore new Chinese words and phrases, learning how to articulate the themes and atmospheres of poems.

Main Course (30 mins) - Now, Let's Practice

We will divide students into groups to select their favorite poems for a closer look. Each group will engage in lively discussions, sharing insights and interpretations of their chosen works.

Dessert (30 mins) - Open Discussions

In this session, we offer a platform for students to showcase their translation endeavors. Each group will present their translated poetry, providing insights into their interpretation process and the choices they made to capture the poem's essence.


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