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#75 The Charm of Ancient Chinese Towns (Online)
#75 The Charm of Ancient Chinese Towns (Online)




#75 The Charm of Ancient Chinese Towns (Online)

Are you tempted by the charm of ancient Chinese towns? Join us on a Mandarin journey to explore their beautiful scenery, unique cuisine, distinctive architecture, and rich culture. Engage in lively discussions about various aspects of ancient town life and learn their unique stories.


2024年6月28日 19:00 – GMT-4 20:30



Appetizer (30 mins) - Introduction to New Words & Phrases

Let's discuss your impressions of ancient Chinese towns, exploring their architecture, cuisine, and handicrafts. We'll dive deeper into the culture of these towns by learning relevant Chinese vocabulary and sentences.

Main Course (30 mins) - Now, Let's Practice

We will tour the pavilions, corridors, stone bridges, and rivers of ancient Chinese towns. We will learn about their unique cuisine, including dumplings, pastries, and snacks. We'll also explore the towns' distinctive handicrafts, clothing, and ornaments. Through the study of Mandarin words and sentence patterns, along with the appreciation of pictures and videos, we will immerse ourselves in the beauty and charm of ancient Chinese towns.

Dessert (30 mins) - Open Discussions

Let's engage in enthusiastic discussions about what stands out to you most about ancient Chinese towns. What kind of feeling do these towns evoke? Do you plan to visit an ancient Chinese town in the future? Let's enjoy speaking Mandarin together.


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