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​Sign up for a 90 minutes SAMPLE CLASS at the price of two cups of bubble tea and get inspired to learn Mandarin in a fun and stress-free environment.

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Learning Mandarin

You're interested in learning Mandarin but not ready to commit to a long-term study. Let's get started!

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You've started learning Mandarin but hoping to meet new friends and have some extra conversational practices.

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Chinese Culture

You're passionate about the Chinese culture and would like to participate in cultural celebrations and workshops.


What Are Included?

During this weekly 90 mins real-life topic based session, here're what you will get: 

  • Appetizer - 30 mins:  Learn the basic words, daily expressions, and sentences structure.

  • Main Course - 30 mins:  Carefully designed peer practice and instant feedback from our teachers to help you mastering the usage of the introduced expressions.

  • Dessert - 30 mins:  Open discussions to share your own stories and experiences as well as some additional vocabulary and cultural insights.

Upcoming Sessions

  • #4 Are All Chinese People Math Experts?
    Membership Plan Available
    Fri, Dec 02
    Toronto Mandarin School - North York
    Is it true that all Asians are good at math? What's the difference in Mandarin and English when talking about numbers? I see a Chinese posed funny hand gestures when paying the bill. What does it mean? Come and find out!
  • #3 Cantonese or Mandarin?
    Membership Plan Available
    Fri, Nov 25
    Toronto Mandarin School - North York
    Have you ever wondered the difference and relation between Cantonese and Mandarin? Do they share the same writing system? Do they sound different? Is it hard to learn Mandarin if I speak Cantonese? This session will give you all the answers.
  • #2 Chinese Name - He or She?
    Membership Plan Available
    Fri, Nov 18
    Toronto Mandarin School - North York
    Can you tell from the Chinese name if the person is a he or she? Which part of the name you want to address a Chinese in an email? Is it polite to address Chineses with their first names? Should I use honorific titles or the job position? We'll let you know some tips.
  • #1 Nice to Meet You!
    Membership Plan Available
    Fri, Nov 11
    Toronto Mandarin School - North York
    Are you totally new to Mandarin? You're wondering how to greet someone you meet or impress your team/class when introducing yourself in a few simple Chinese sentences. We've got you covered!

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